GeneralSuboptic Spotlight

Earlier in 2020, SubOptic hosted a six-part “SubOptic Spotlight” Roundtable series centered around how to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic in the subsea industry. DRG sponsored the series, which began on April 22 and concluded on July 1, featuring 25+ industry expert panelists throughout the series. Elaine Stafford participated in two of the virtual roundtables, moderating the first of the series and speaking on the final panel.

The pandemic has altered nearly every way of life. However, instead of dwelling on how our lives have changed, the subsea industry came together in this roundtable series to discuss how to plan for an uncertain future. After all, the world has begun to rely on the internet like never before, and as enablers of connectivity, the subsea industry must respond. Industry veterans shared relevant experience and offered valuable insights on how the sector, collectively, can effectively address the pandemic.

The series was very well attended and yielded a number of pertinent discussions. DRG is proud to have sponsored such a timely and relevant series – and to have been a part of offering real solutions during a trying time.

The entire list of sessions is as follows:

Videos of all of the sessions can be found on SubOptic’s YouTube channel