The SubOptic Foundation Symposia, an educational outreach program series aimed at the next generation of subsea cable industry leaders, recently ramped up into full gear following earlier successes in both France and Japan, with events this month in the UK, Japan, and Americas.

WAVE was held this week at the iconic BT Tower in London, where a combination of industry leaders, academia, and university students held vibrant, interactive discussions.

Later this month, the Optical Submarine Networks Symposium will be held at Waseda University in Tokyo.

SubOptic’s third Symposium this September, “Submarine Cables—Ride the Wave” will be online and cater to students in the AMERICAS, but all are welcome. Its sessions will include experts from Ciena, DRG,  ICPC, IT Telecom, META, Pioneer Consulting, SubOptic, and TeleGeography Research.  DRG is pleased to be supporting this important SubOptic Foundation initiative and working with so many talented professionals to make it happen.

To register for this Symposium, please sign up here.  You can also visit the SubOptic website to learn more about the foundation.