GeneralSNW 2020 Keynote Panel- Subsea Cable Market Trends & Challenges

Submarine Networks World (SNW) 2020 coming up very soon will certainly feel a bit different than last year’s event, but we’re looking forward to it just the same. As the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, SNW – like so many other annual conferences – has shifted to a virtual event. This year, our very own Elaine Stafford will again moderate the keynote panel, made up of stellar panelists, on November 3rd. And this year, there’s lots to discuss.

The subsea cable industry this year has been booming as the world increasingly relies on digital services to connect individuals, businesses and governments across the globe. Almost every major transoceanic route now has at least one, if not more, new cables planned or underway – with many of these cables led by companies like Facebook and Google, whose services drive the greatest demand for international communications. However, not every country will see the direct benefit of this continued critical infrastructure expansion, in part because of a spectrum of challenges in developing and realizing new cables. These challenges are not stopping progress, but instead encouraging the construction of new routes.

SNW’s November 3rd keynote panel will provide perspective on these market dynamics with expert insights provided by:

  • Ricardo Orcero – Network Investments, Submarine Cables, Facebook
  • Adil AlAskah – GM, International Cable Management, Saudi Telecom Company – STC
  • Remi Galasso – Chief Executive Officer, HAWAIKI
  • Philippe Dumont – Chief Executive Officer, EllaLink
  • Donald (Yijun) Tan – CEO, China Telecom Global

SNW 2020 is sure to be an event filled with industry insights, updates and projections. And with the way the industry has been booming in recent years, you won’t want to miss it. To register for the event, click here. Be sure to catch the keynote panel titled “SubNets 2020 – more CAPACITY, more MARKETS, more OPPORTUNITIES” at 7:00 AM EST.