GeneralPTC 2021

Just a quick reminder that PTC’21, sponsored by SubOptic, is around the corner! And while the conference may be virtual this year, it will not be lacking all of the usual activities and sessions we all know and love. PTC’s annual Submarine Cable Workshop, usually held on Sunday, will be on Monday & Tuesday this year-in the morning in the USA, mid-day in Europe, and late in Asia.

The agenda will be very similar to the PTC tradition over many years, and for the 2nd time, will also again feature an informative poster session.

DRG is especially pleased to moderate Tuesday’s panel on Geopolitics, where we’ve another excellent set of panelists, including the former Prime Minister of Finland, who has a deep background in navigating the tricky balance of international communications needs with government policy. Below is an excerpt from DRG’s article in SubTel Forum previewing the panel:

Together, we’ll discuss the geopolitical forces at play today in our undersea cable market, what they mean to the global network of the future, what it means to construction of new cables, and how our industry might help steer the course of our future in a constructive manner. It’s easy to focus solely on the influence of U.S.-China relationships, where the U.S. administration’s “Clean Cable” initiatives announced last year are leaving some big projects now feeling the immediate-term challenges resulting from these policies, but the long-term impacts from such policies remain to be determined. Today’s transpacific project difficulties are especially challenging because they were not anticipated; had we known today’s policies were on the horizon several years ago, cable construction plans would most likely have adapted accordingly at a time when change would have been simpler.

You can read the full article previewing the workshop here.

Hope to see you there! The entire event promises to be as good as ever, minus the beach.

Links to the agenda are here, all in Hawaii time.