Generalsuboptic spotlight 4


In this fourth panel in the SubOptic Spotlight series, we will look at another critical aspect of our industry during the pandemic, the resiliency and continuity of the submarine system global supply chain – component supply, manufacturing, delivery and on-site services.

SES Networks provide network solutions for their customers using MEO and GEO satellites including the O3B satellite network which SES fully acquired in 2016. As we know the satellite telecoms infrastructure is complementary to the submarine infrastructure and has many of the same challenges in terms of reach, flexibility and reliability. And the difficulties and impact of Covid-19 on the satellite industry has many parallels with subsea in demand for rapid turn-up of services and pressures on supply chain. JP will describe recent extraordinary efforts in accelerated schedules to bring up communications services in some remote areas.

For the subsea panel, we plan to address a wide range of topics including:

  • How has the supply chain had to adapt to maintain all supplies with the restrictions
    imposed due to Covid-19?
  • How have we coped with the logistical issues of getting personnel on site and in
    factories for FAT, surveys, CLS and DC installation, testing and maintenance?
  • What changes have we seen in capabilities to perform supply chain tasks remotely and
    with automation?
  • Have there been knock-on changes in NOC activities and responsibilities?
  • Have there been and will there remain changes to the way consortia systems are
    procured and operate?
  • Has Covid-19 helped accelerate the digital transformation?
  • Will the industry emerge with a more resilient supply chain?
  • What positive benefits will be realised both in the submarine industry and the wider

The panel includes the following speakers:

suboptic spotlight 4 speakers











Register today to hear our panelists discuss these and other topics in an interactive session, after which we hope to take questions from the audience. We look forward to your attendance and participation.

The panel will take place June 10, 2020 9:00 AM ET/ 1:00 PM UTC/ 10:00 PM Japan Standard Time. Click here to see details about the entire series.

If you missed the last roundtable, watch it here: