Have you registered for the upcoming SubOptic 2019 conference in New Orleans? If not, and you’re interested in submarine cable networks, don’t miss it!

As you can see from the recent March issue of SubTel Forum, SubOptic is sure to be an informative and thought-provoking event. SubTel Forum provides a preview of what to expect next week, as well as a recap of recent discussion at PTC’s annual Submarine Cable Workshop. There, some of the major subsea cable industry challenges, changes and trends were discussed by experts from across the globe. One key point of debate was focused on what the cable industry can do to fulfill its global responsibility looking ahead just 10 years into the future. There was also much talk about the inescapable fact that the subsea cable workforce is aging and seeking new talent. Thankfully, several notable industry leaders are working hard to make progress on this front, including Valey Kamalov at Google and XSite’s Amy Marks.

These PTC’19 conversations were thought provoking and forward thinking, but they were, in fact, just a tantalizer of further insights that SubOptic promises. Many thoughtful and insightful papers on subsea technology, regulatory challenges, market demand, undersea maintenance, and global responsibility will be presented at SubOptic’s four-day program. We encourage anyone with an interest in submarine cable communications to take a deep dive into some of the most important questions facing the subsea cable industry as a whole next week.

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To read the PTC recap and get a taste of what you might learn at SubOptic, check out SubTel Forum’s March 2019 issue.