As many of you have heard, David Ross, the founder of The David Ross Group, decided in late 2016 to retire – in his words – “to pursue interests of a more personal nature”. The DRG team is thankful for all Dave has done, for our company and our team. We wish him the very best.

drg-award1Dave has been at the helm of DRG since founding the company in 1999. Over the last 15+ years, Dave has been an integral part of DRG’s effort to help our clients achieve their goals. But Dave’s contributions to the industry, and our team, were not confined to just that time. Dave has been instrumental in advancing the undersea cable industry for nearly 50 years, starting at AT&T Bell Laboratories developing technology for multiple generations of undersea fiber optic systems. It was there that several of us at DRG worked with Dave for the first time. That was just the beginning. Dave then applied his expertise in undersea technology towards helping areas of the world that were not yet connected with fiber-optic solutions.  Many of us followed similar paths, leaving the labs to support the broader submarine cable industry. Soon after, Dave launched The David Ross Group – and we joined him. Dave’s goal became our goal, and together, the DRG team assisted with countless undersea projects across the globe to successfully provide connectivity to new people, companies, countries and regions.

We’re going to miss Dave’s day-to-day involvement with our team. But, we’re not losing him. Like before, we expect this to simply be a new phase. Dave will continue to work with our team on special projects. The rest of our team- John, Elaine, Stan, Jim, Stephen, Jerry, and Sallie, along with our affiliate expert marine and CLS engineering team, will continue to carry on the tradition Dave started with the David Ross Group of serving our clients and the industry.

We’re changing our company name to DRG Undersea Consulting. Many of you have known us as DRG for a long time – so that’s not a big change.  It’ll be business as usual here at DRG.
2017 is an exciting time for the industry as we experience the resurgence of new builds on new routes with new technology. DRG looks forward to helping our clients successfully navigate this next phase of the industry’s evolution.


Best Regards from the DRG Team,

John, Elaine, Stan, Jim, Stephen, Jerry & Sallie