ITW 2018 was full of discussions around the many exciting submarine cable projects in the works and the burgeoning technologies that are helping to facilitate them.

DRG Managing Partner Elaine Stafford sat down with JSA TV to address those topics during the show.

“The undersea world is really on an upswing right now,” Elaine says in the video interview, but quickly clarifies that DRG doesn’t view it as the boom/bust cycle some fear. “We really see it as a steady growth path for quite some time.”

What’s driving that growth? Which new technologies are creating a buzz in the subsea space? What is DRG’s trajectory over the next year?

Elaine addresses these questions and more in the quick Q&A, discussing ROADM and C+L band technology, aging cables and coopetition.

“Figuring out new ways to let everybody work together constructively is something that we really look forward to doing as time progresses,” Elaine said. “There’s room for everybody in the market. This industry has long been one of people working together and cooperating even though they’re competitors, and I think we’ll see more of that and find new ways of doing that in the future.”

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