Telecom Egypt, SubOptic, and the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport
recently hosted its first Egypt SubOptic Symposium 2023 in Cairo, attracting a diverse group of young,
enthusiastic professionals and undergraduate students specializing in engineering and maritime studies.

This was the final SubOptic Symposium in 2023, after Symposia earlier this year in South Africa, Japan,
and Singapore, and 2022 Symposia in Paris, London, Chile, North America, and elsewhere. Each
Symposia is tailored to the local student audience and universities and concentrates on enhancing
awareness and knowledge of the submarine cable industry business, technology, marine and
environmental sciences.

The event was supported by a spectrum of companies and organizations active in the submarine cable
industry, including Telecom Egypt, DRG, ASN (Alcatel Submarine Networks), Ciena, E-marine, PCCW
GLOBAL, and Zain. Telecom Egypt and SubOptic were especially grateful for the support and
enthusiasm of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport.

The video below was provided by Telecom Egypt.

Click here for SubOptic Symposium Video