Why Choose DRG Undersea Consulting?

Global Focus, Real Value

  • We specialize in planning, engineering, managing construction, operating and commercializing undersea fiber optic telecommunication infrastructures worldwide.

  • Our complementary knowledge of terrestrial networks, for critical backhaul facilities in undersea networks and backbone domestic networks, is relied upon by clients to specify, procure, and implement POP-to-POP solutions.

  • We have fully developed in-house tools for every phase of the project life cycle. Whether it is planning, financing, design, procurement, implementation, operations, or marketing and sales, DRG will be with you in every step of the way.

  • We have specialized capabilities to aid prospective owners of new networks or owners of existing networks; investors; creditors; and restructuring advisors.

  • Our team members are recognized for their broad perspective and in depth expertise.  We provide practical solutions to challenges which require careful balance between market, commercial and technical considerations.

  • We support commercial telecommunications networks, scientific research networks, offshore commercial networks, specialty sensor systems and other specialty solutions.

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Undersea Cable System Services


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Our team has advised on projects totaling:


km of undersea cable


cable landings




oceans & seas

$20 B

in assets